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                               Department of Botany


                               Head of the Department : Dr. S.W. Bhivgade


Name Duration Eligibility
B.Sc. 3 yrs H.S.C.
Name Qualification Designation Appoit. Date Email Id cv
Dr. S.W. Bhivgade M.Sc, Ph.D  Professor & Head 14/09/1991
Dr. S N Sangekar M.Sc, Ph.D Assistant Professor 02/08/2019
Miss R N Govande M.Sc, NET Assistant Professor 24/07/2023  
Miss A N Akuskar M.Sc, SET Assistant Professor 24/07/2023  
Mr S N Chavan B.A. Lab Assistant 28/02/1992  
Mr R T Mantre SSC Lab Attendant 26/02/1993  
Mr W V Jujgar SSC Lab Attendant 26/06/2012  


No. of Labs Equipments

 Digital Spectrophotometer


Hot Air oven


BoD Incubator 


Title of Events / Programme Date   Report with Photographs 

 National level Webinar on recent Trends in Botany


On 31 August  2020 ,Department of Botany had organized one day National level webinar on Recent trends in Botany .

    In this webinar guest Dr. P.B.Kavi Kishor Department of Genetics Osmania University ,Hydrabad  have been animated for lead lecture.

402 participant have been registered the name for this event.

 State level seminar on Recent trends in Genetics & Biotechnology


On 29 January 2019 ,Department of Botany had organized one day state level seminar on Recent trends in Genetics & Biotechnology

    In this seminar three guest have been animated for lead lecture and also organized poster competition on same title ,72 poster are displayed & examined by expert faculties

    167 participant have been registered the name for this event. 


Guest Name Event Date Topic
Dr.Kalyan Apet ,  Prof. & Head Dept. of Pathology       V.N.A .U. Parbhani 01/08/2023 Quarantine Law
Dr.R.H.Thorat 16/09/2022

World Ozone Day


Dr.Shantosh  Tarke 27/07/2022 Plant Based Drugs
Mr. Manish Boratkar 20/12/2021 Carrier development in Botany
Prof. R. M. Pathak 05/12/2021 International Soil Day
Dr. Rajendra Kakde 07/07/2021 Immunity  Booster
Dr.T. A. Gitte 03/07/2019 Plant Nomenclature
Mrs. Vidyatai Rudraksha 05/12/2018 International Soil Day
Title  of paper Publication / Journal / Conference Year of  Publication ISSN/
Impact Factors, if any
Author: Dr. S W Bhivgade  
Assessment of Arbuscular mycorrhiza in Commelina benjhalesis  L . & Catharanthus  roseus Multilogic in science Feb 2023   4.96
Estimation of  Heterosis for yield and yield related components using diverse testers in pearl. Millet pennisetum glaucoma .         ( L.) R.Br. Int. Glonbal journal for Research Analysis  Vol.12 issue – 07 2023 ISSN. No.2277-8160  
Comparison Among Seven different tester for evaluation of New pearl millet inbred live (  pennisetum glaucoma )         ( L.) R.Br. Int. journal of Agriculture science Vol.15 Issue 06 2023 ISSN:0975-3710 and  
Identification of Blast resistant hybrid parents and Their performance in hybrid combinations of pearl millet ( Pennisetum glaucum ( L.) R. Br.) In field conditions.

Plant Archives

Vol. 22 , No. 02

2022 ISSN:0972-5210 NAAS 4.73
Phytochemical Analysis of a Medicinal plant : Solanum anguivi

Reviews of Literature


2021 ISSN : 2347-2723 4.1253
Pseudotorula as an allergen cause of Asthma

Reviews of Literature


2020 ISSN : 2347-2723 3.4217
The role of Epicoccum as a Biollutant  Regarding  Asthma Think India Journal   ( Proceeding ) 2019 ISSN:0971-1260/vol -22
Phytochemical  and Anatomical studies in Amaranthus Think India Journal    ( Proceeding ) 2019 ISSN:0971-1260/vol -22
Estimation of  combining ability for yield attributing  traits  in pigeon pea  (cajanuscajan ) International  Journal of  recent scientific research, Plantae Scientia: Vol.02, Issue 03, Sept 2019. ISSN:0976-3031 7.383
Curvularia as Bio-pollutant in the houses of Asthmatic      patients at Ambajogai, Dist: Beed (M.S) International Research Journal in Botany, Plantae Scientia: Vol.02, Issue 03, Sept 2019.
The Role of Cladosporium as Biopollutant in sheep and goat farm. Procceding of   Dr. RafiqZakaria college for women ,Aurangabad 2019 978-93-85426-49-0
PhytochemicalAnalysis of Versatile Plant: Syzygiumcumini Research Journey International  multidisciplinary E-Research Journal 2019 ISSN:2348-7143 6.261
Phytoplankton Diversity in Jogaiwadi  Talab in Ambajogai Science Park 2018 ISSN:2321-8045 3.4218
Phytoplankton Diversity  of Pimpla (Dha) Talav , Ambajogai ,DistBeed, Maharashtra. Review of Research 2018 ISSN 2249-894X 5.7631
Phytoplankton Diversity of Chhota Talab in Ambajogai Procceding of National seminar,vasant college Kaij 2017 ISBN NO-978-93-80876-11-5
To study  the change in chemicals associated with the storage of Lucerne leaf juice Review of Literature 2017 ISSN :2347-2723 2.0260
Author: Dr. S N Sangekar  
Use of green  Algae spirogyra sp. In seed germination of Mung bean Multilogic  in science Feb 2023 Sp. Issue   4.96
Effect of Extract of Blue Green Alga Oscillatoria sp. In seed germination of mung bean International journal of Botany Studies 2023

ISSN: 2455-541X  Volume 8, Issue 5,  ISSN 2277-7601 April 2023.


Use of Green Alga Spirogyra Sp. In Seed Germination of Mung Bean.

Multilogic in Science

Vol XII, Special Issue

Feb 2023    
Effect of extract of blue green alga Ocilotoria  spe. On seed germination

published in souvenir  of National Conference on Bio resources  Depart. Of Botany Dr. BAMU Aurangabad.


status of mycorrhization in the roots of Commiphora mukul Engl (Gugul) International Journal of botany studies.  Volume 6, special Issue 6, 2021    
Mycorrhizal association with roots of Asparagus racemosus    L. I JRAR December 2021 , Volume 8 Issue 4

(ISSN 2348-1269, P ISSN 2349-5138)


Mycorrhizal associatiowith roots  of Abrus precatorius Linn. JETIR , December 2021 Volume 8 Issue 12

(ISSN 2348-1269, P ISSN 2349-5162)



Morphological Anatomical and Pharmacological studies in clitoria ternatea L.,


Life Sciences Special Issue A 14 July 2020

ISSN:2320-7817(p) 2320-964X (0).


tissue culture and Biochemical studies in Datura innoxia Mill.

World journal

of pharmacy &



Volume 8, issue 5,


1192 – 1199. ISSN 2278 – 4357.2019


The role of Epicocum as a bio pollutant Regarding Asthma

Think India



2019 ISSN:0971-1260Vol-22 Special Issue-31  
Phytochemical and Anatomical studies in Amaranthus blitum subsp. oleraceus (L.) Costea. Think India Journal 2019

ISSN:0971-1260Vol-22 Special Issue-31 National conference ETDAB


Agency MOU For
Shri Balaji Shikshan Prasarak . Mandals . B.Pharmacy ,College Ambajogai

Students exchange Teacher exchange

Academic activities and  research

Azolla Cultivation Programme

Visited Place  Date
Dastgirwadi 09/01/2022
Girwali 02/01/2019
Mamdapur(Patodha) (Due to Centenary year of  Yogeshwari Education Society )26/12/2018
Jawalaban 15/01/2018
Pathan Madwa 10/01/2018
Jawalgaon 09/01/2018
Chanai 18/09/2017