Head of the Department : Dr M S Gaikwad


Name Duration Eligibility
B.S.C 3 yrs H.Sc
M.Sc 2 yrs B.Sc
Name Qualification Designation Date of Appoint. Email CV
Dr. M.S. Gaikwad M.Sc Ph.D. (Ayurved Ratna), B.Ed. Associate Professor 01/7/1986 05/8/1992 msgaikwad63@gmail.com
Mr. M V Kanetkar M.Sc. Associate Professor 17/07/1989 mvkanetkar21@gmail.com
Dr. V.R. Choudhari M.Sc. M.Ed. M.Phil.,Ph.D Associate Professor 3/07/1986 1/07/1990 vilaschoudhari2013@gmail.com
Dr. S.C Jadhwar M.Sc., Ph.D, SET, B.Ed. Assistant Professor 4/12/2003 sureshjadhavar@rediffmail
Dr. V.G. Kalalawe M.Sc. Ph.D, SET, NET, GATE Assistant Professor 3/11/2009 Sachin.kalalawe@gmail.com
Mr. J M Kondre M.Sc SET / NET Assistant Professor 23/11/2009 jkondre@gmail.com
No. of Labs Equipments

1) Astronomical Telescope, C.R.O

2) function generator, spectrometer, Polarimeter, Optical bench, Multimeters

Academic year Name of staff member Title of Paper Name of Conference/ Publication
2000 Dr. M.S. Gaikwad “Synthesis of N-(1)-[4-Methyl-7-Oxy-Coumarino] -Acetyl -5 Substituted Phenyl-3-Phenyl-4,5 Dihydro Pyrazoles Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry Vol.9 Jan-Mar 2000, pp 315-16
2001 Dr. M.S. Gaikwad “Synthesis of 2-Methyl-6- [ (Chromon- 3-YL)methylene] thiazolo-[3,2-b] –s-Triazole-5(6H)-ones” Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry Vol.10 April June 2001, pp 313-314
2002 Dr. M.S. Gaikwad “Microwave induced Abramov reaction of 3-formyl Chromone with Trialkyl Phosphites”. Synthetic communications Vol. 32,17,2002 pp 2633-2636
2003 Dr. M.S. Gaikwad “Synthesis of Newer selenadiazoles and thiadiazoles from their chroman-4-one-precursors” Indian Journal of Chemistry Vol.42B, Jan 2003, pp 189-191
2004 Dr. M.S. Gaikwad “Synthesis of N-(1)-[2-Hydroxybenzoyl]-5-substituted phenyl-3-phenyl-4,5-dihydro pyrazoles” Indian Journal of Chemistry Vol.13, Jan-Mar 2004, pp 279-80
Academic year Name of staff member Title of Book/ Patent Name of Publication
2003 Dr M S Gaikwad Inorganic Chemistry Taj Publication, Aurangabad