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To provide quality education to socially and economically backward students’ to enhance national human resource.


  • To raise the academic standard of the students.
  • To educate students from this area by providing advanced educational facilities.
  • To implement curricular and extra–curricular activities for overall development of the abilities of the students.
  • To create awareness in students about human rights, culture, scientific temperament and environment.


    The college strives for an all round development to achieve wholeness in students in order to prepare them to take up responsibility in various spheres of the society. This is achieved through the fulfillment of the following objectives.

  • To prepare them for integrated life and emphasis is given on human values.
  • To develop their skills , talent and scientific attitude.
  • To inculcate social awareness, social justice and brotherhood in them.
  • To motivate them to work hard and help them to take self employment programme after studies.