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Head of the Department : Dr A P Narsinge


Name Duration Eligibility
B.S.C 3 yrs H.Sc
Name Qualification Designation Appoit. Date Email Id CV
Dr. R D Joshi M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D Associate Prof. 23/07/1985
Dr. A P Narsinge M.Sc, Ph.D Assistant Prof. 27/10/2014
No. of Labs Equipments


Hot air oven


Laminar flow system

Lab shaker


Electrophoreses apparatus

Lab sonicator

Anaerobic jar

Digital colorimeter

Monopan Balance

Glass Distillation apparatus

Seitz filter


Students compound Microscope

Binocular Research Microscope



Digital PH meter

Laboratory water bath


On 21-01-2020 A Study tour to Dr. BAMU Subcenter at COVID lab Osmanabad was organized by our Microbiology Dept. 

One Day Study Tour Report at Vasantrao Naik Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani
organizeation of Guest Lecture on the occasion of International Microorganisms Day 2022

organisation of District Level Poster & AIDS Awareness Competition on 8th Dec. 2022.

Name of staff member
Title of Paper
Name of Conference/ Publication
1989 Dr. V. S. Hamde “Microbial degradation of nitrile compounds’ Jai Research Foundation, Valvada
1986 Dr. V. S. Hamde “Isolation and screening of Acrylamide producing microorganisms’ Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
1996 Dr. V. S. Hamde ‘Fungal degradation of Acetonirile’ Bulletin of association of Zoologists
1999 Dr. V. S. Hamde Metabolism of Acrylonitrile by Arthrobacter. Sps.H-1 Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences
1999 Dr. V. S. Hamde Bioconversion of Propionitrile into Propionic Acid Pollution Research
2006 Dr. V. S. Hamde antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Staphylococcus aureus. Strains isolated from Clinical samples J. Microbial World
2009 Dr. V. S. Hamde Bioconversion of Acrylonitrile into Acrylamide J. Microb. World
2009 Dr. V. S. Hamde Isolation and Identification of Naphthalene and Anthracene degrading Bacteria from oil Contaminated Soil. J. Microb. World
2009 Dr. V. S. Hamde Bioconversion of Chrysene by Achromobacter insolitus isolated from oil contaminated soil National journal of Life sciences
2010 Dr. V. S. Hamde Metabolism of Acetonitrile by Arthorbacter sps National Journal of Life Science
2010 Dr. V. S. Hamde Decolorization of textile dye reactive blue 28 by Bacillus cereus National Journal of life Sciences.
2010 Dr. V. S. Hamde Studies on Nutritional indices of various spent straw using Pleurotus sajorcuju International Seminar of Indonesian Society of Microbiology-Bogor, Indonesia


Academic year

Name of staff member

Title of Book/ Patent

Name of Publication



Dr. V. S. Hamde

History of Microbiology and Microbiological Methods

Atharv Publication , Jalgaon



Dr. V. S. Hamde

Agro-biotechnology for Sustainable Development

Oxford Book Company, New Delhi


 Major / Minor

Funding Agency

Dr. V S Hamde


Rs. 5,00,000/-

Dr. V S Hamde


Rs. 16,000/-

Dr. V S Hamde


UGC Rs. 20,000/-

Dr. A P Narsinge


BAMU Rs. 25,000/-