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                            Department of Physics 


                               Head of the Department : Dr R J Topare

Name Duration Eligibility
B.Sc. 3 yrs H.S.C.
Name Qualification Designation Appoit. Date Email Id CV
Dr. R J Topare M.Sc, Ph.D





Smt M W  Muli M.A.(Economics) Lab. Assistant 31/10/2005
Shri K N Jogdand H.S.C Lab. Attendant 26/06/2012
Shri A S Swami B.A. Lab. Attendant 26/06/2012
Shri D D Kale B.A. Lab. Attendant 15/11/2021
No. of Labs Equipments

1) Astronomical Telescope, C.R.O

2) function generator, spectrometer, Polarimeter, Optical bench, Multimeters

Title of Event / Programme


Reports with photographs

Webinar on Nanotechnology and its applications in different fields 17/08/2020
Study Tour to Kalburgi Science Centre, Gulbarga
Title of Research Article
Publication / Journal / Conference
Pub. Year
Impact Factor

Author : Dr R J Topare

Structural studies of Y1Ba2Cu3O7-y compound Journal of pure and applied Physics, 4 (5), (1992), 231. 1992 0019556
Effect of Ag addition on the superconducting properties of YBCO Superconductor Indian journal of Cryogenics, 18, (1993) 87 1993 0379-0479
On the preparation of superconducting wires Indian journal of Cryogenics, 18, (1993) 68. 1993 0379-0479
The role of Ag2O addition on the superconducting properties of Y1Ba2Cu4O8 compound Solid State Ionic Materials, World Scientific Co. Singapore (1994) 343 1994
Elastic anomalies in Bi-Pb (2223)/Ag superconducting composite materials Physica C , 253 (1995) 89 1995 0921-4534
Elastic behaviour of some YBaCuO high Tc superconducting materials with various oxygen concentrations Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 230 (1995) 23 1995 0925-8388 2.39
Elastic behaviour of Ca doped Y-124 high temperature superconductors Physica C, 274 (issue 3), (1997) 342 1997 0921-4534 0.718
Relaxation in high Tc superconductors Y1Ba2Cu3O7-x Physica C, 102 (1997) 1997 0921-4534 0.718
Re-engineering of Engineering education Proceedings of ISTE conference (1998) 1998
Preparation of YBCO superconducting thin film by laser ablation method Proceeding of NSSTTF (2004) 2004
Innovative learning approach through mind map Presented at Shimla Conference (2011) 2011
Are the only innovative methods of teaching Physics enough to motivate the students? Presented at NSITMP-2013 ( ISBN 978-81-926750-0-9) 2013
A Brief review of laboratory teaching methods in Physics Presented at NSITMP-2013 ( ISBN 978-81-926750-0-9) 2013
Simulation of Laplace transformations using Python SciPy -2013 @ IIT Mumbai 13-15 Dec 2013 2013
A brief review of some substituted dielectric materials. International Journal of Advanced Research in basic & Applied Sciences, Vol. 1 Issue 1, (Dec.2014) 116 2014 2394-4072
The microscopy characterization techniques for nanomaterials Journal of advances in Applied Science & Technology-Material Science (Special issue), Vol.1, Issue 2, 156-158 2015 2393-8188
Interaction of Laser radiation with biological tissue. Presented at National Conference at Adarsh Mahavidyalaya 2015
The review of various synthesis methods of barium titanate with enhanced
dielectric properties
American Institute of Physics proceedings of International Conference on
Condensed Matter and Applied Physics (ICC-2015)
Role of IPR in academics Pune Research Times 2019 2456-0960 3.18
Effect of molarity on PbS thin films by CBD technique< Journal of Advnces in Applied Science and Technology, Vol. 8, (1) 2022 2393-8188 3.66
MgSe Thin films deposited by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction method. Recent Advances in Material Science and Nanotechnology , Vol.9 (13) 2022 2395-6011 8.014
Fabrication of FeSe thin films deposited by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction Recent innovation in Science and Technology, Special issue 109 2022 2349-638x 7.331
Phase transformation, morphology, DC electrical resistivity and dielectric properties investigation of properties of Maganise doped Barium Titanic nanoparticles Journal of Crystal Growth,585 2022 0022-0248 1.83

Title of Book/ Patent

Name of Publication

Pub Year


Author : Dr R J Topare

Applied Physics for First Year Engineering Nikita Publications, Latur 2009 ( First Edition)
Applied Physics for First Year Engineering Nikita Publications, Latur 2011 ( Second Edition)
Engineering Physics Nikita Publications, Latur 2015( Third Edition)

Name of the Collaboration / MOU

Name of the Collaborating Institute

Year of Signing

Report Activity

MOU Karmaveer Mamasaheb Jagdale Mahavidyalaya, Washi Dist Osmanabad 2020


Dayanand College, Latur 2019


Late Panditrao Gawali Arts and Science Mahavidyalaya, Shirpur (Jain) Tq Malegaon Dist Washim 2022