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Refund Policy

  • For the general information of the parents, guardians, wards, students and finance office the present College Fee Payment, Refund and Withdrawal Policy 2020-2021 & thereafter shall come into force and operation from January 01, 2021.
  • Application Fee
  • A non-refundable non-transferable application fee must be submitted at the time of application.

Fee Refund and Withdrawal Policy Additions:

  • The original tax receipt must be returned to the College when refund is requested. No Refund can be made without returning the original tax receipt.
  • Refund will be reimbursed to the payer through Cheque payment only. Refunds are payable within 15 working days after the student leaves the College .
  • These refund rules and policies shall be applicable to a student who is expelled from the College on the basis of any disciplinary action by the College management.

Tax Receipt:

  • Once the new academic year starts, the College cannot issue the tax receipt for previous academic years.
Lost tax receipts cannot be reissued, but a chopped copy could be offered.

Fee Payment Method:

  • All new admission fees payments to done only through online through student portal
  • Regular ones either by student’s portal or can download the fees chellan from the portal and pay it in the Bank. To ensure proper credit, a copy of the bank transfer remittance slip must be scanned and sent to the Finance office Address:

Fee Payment Notice:

The fees challan is issued in INR only;

All bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the payer.

Note: These are internal policies and rules pertaining to fees charged by the College in accordance with the laws and does not construe any charge/fee/donation or otherwise in the form of capitation fee. No capitation fee is levied or charged by the College .>
I hereby confirm my acceptance of the College place (s) offered for my child (children) and will arrange payment of all the fees within College guidelines. I have read and understood the payment terms laid out above and accept these terms and conditions.
Acknowledgment and ‘I agree’ to the terms and conditions will entitle the parent/guardian to initiate and process the fee payment on the portal.